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Pics from the Black Belt Ceremony.

Pics from the Holiday Party and Black belt ceremony.

Pics from the Black belt ceremony:

Pics from the Holiday Party:

Woodbury Yi's Martial Arts Children Halloween party.

Master and Black Belt Clinic and Evaluation 07/15/17 at Egg Harbor Twp.

Pictures from This Spring's cycle Black belt ceremony.

Last Saturday The Black belt and Masters tests were held.

Pictures from the Masters test

Pictures from The Hyung Clinic and Black Belt evaluation.

Hyung Clinic

Black Belt evaluation

Pictures from This Fall's Black belt ceremony.

This Fall students tested for their black belt and Masters belts respectivly.

Grandmaster Yi and students in the IMA attended Grandmaster C.S. Kim's 42nd National All Martial Arts Championship in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pictures from the 5th I.M.A European Championships held in Milton Keynes, England

Master Testing for Florence Solomon 7th Dan, Brian Dinger 7th Dan and Ivana Clifford 5th Dan

Action shots of testing:

The 1st IMA Pan-American Championships

June 27, 2015

Pictures from the IMA/Yi's Karate Annual Holiday Party 2014.

Black Belt and Cho Dan Bo Evaluations were held in Egg Harbor Township.

The Michigan School Black Belt Test And Clinic

On Saturday February 15th over 100 people celebrated Grandmaster Ki Yun Yi's 70th birthday and 30 years of the IMA.

Grandmaster Yi with his wife and some of his grandchildren at his 70th Birthday Bash.

Grandmaster Yi and his lovely wife arriving at his 70th Birthday Party.

And we all sang "Happy Birthday"!

Masters in attendance of GM Yi's 70th Birthday Party.

Students from Brazil visit the IMA headquarters to train with Grandmaster Yi.

The IMA/Yi's Martial Arts Annual Holiday Party was held on Saturday December 7th, 2013 at the Il Me Jung Korean restuarant in Mount Laurel,
NJ. Kwan Jang Nim Yi presented the Annual "Most Dedicated" Student and Parent from each Dojang. A good time was had by all!

This Year's North American most Dedicated Student & Parent Awards were presented to the following students:

Woodbury Dojang - Joseph Ayres and Marry Gall
Cherry Hill Dojang - Viel Ty and Miyuki Semon
Atco Dojang - Alexis Krips
East Coast Dojang - Shawn Daily
Vineland Dojang - Kim Carty and Paul Treen
Swedesboro Dojang - Richard Fettman
Hamilton Twp Dojang - Joe Barberi
Egg Harbor Twp Dojang - Russ Green

This Year there were a few additional awards presented, Certificates of Recognition were presented to the following Black Belts and Masters:

Master Martin Carson - Outstanding Support IMA Events
Master John Dickinson - Outstanding Support IMA Events
Master Chuck Vertolli - Outstanding Support IMA Events
Mr. Mike Purcell - Inspirational Leadership
Mr. Shane Dempster - Outstanding Spirit and Competition


The 2nd IMA North American Championships was held on Saturday August 10, 2013 at St. Augustine Prep in Richland, NJ.

Grand Master Yi visited Egg Harbor Twp at the EHT Yi's Karate training center to instruct a Master's Training Class:

Additionally a Black Belt/Cho Dan Bo Evaluation was held:

Grand Master Yi visited Yi's Karate of Atco to teach a special One Step class. Grand Master Yi has over 61 years experience in the Martial Arts and shared some of his vast knowledge with everyone. It was a unique opportunity to train with the founder of the International Martial Arts Association.

Kwan Jang Nim visited Ypsilanti, Michigan on Saturday, May 18th.In the morning he conducted a clinic for all Moo Duk Martial Arts Institute students that focused on effective methods for basic techniques training. That afternoon he presided over dan tests for five cho dan bos and five cho dans. In the evening he had a Korean dinner with black belt instructors and their families.

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